Simple Smoothie

I wanted something healthy yesterday. No, I needed something healthy. Believe me, it’s been awhile since any sort of fruit or vegetable has made an appearance on my plate. Enter the smoothie. Smoothies are really simple and always make me feel better after I consume one. Summer is right around the corner and that is when I enjoy an ice cold smoothie the most so I need to start practicing.

I desperately need to go to the grocery store but even with a near empty refrigerator/freezer I still managed to whip this together with a few {freezer burnt} ingredients. It simply has baby spinach, frozen mixed berries and water. I do enjoy a smoothie with more ingredients but even this was satisfying and made me feel a little better about the junk I’ve been consuming.


There is no real recipe here. I got out the blender, added a large handful of baby spinach, the remainder of my frozen mixed berries (approx. 2-3 cups worth). Then I threw in some water and blended until I found the right consistency, adding more water as needed.


A lot of people turn their nose up at the idea of adding spinach to their smoothies. I don’t blame you. I am a spinach lover but even I thought it was a crazy idea. And! It doesn’t help that most of the time the end result is a very green colored smoothie. Who wants to drink something that looks like a blended up grass mixture? Here’s a quick tip, you can use dark colored berries to mask the color.

I promise that you don’t taste the spinach once everything else is mixed in. You would need to add a massive amount of spinach before you start detecting any taste of it. With all the health benefits of spinach, why would you want to leave it out?

Side note: Sorry… I need to stop linking to Wikipedia when I want to give you the facts. That’s just laziness on my part. But as Michael Scott once said, “Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information.” Ha!

Here are a few of my favorite combinations. I included measurements on the first one to give you an idea but experiment on your own to see what you enjoy. Add the following ingredients into a blender {does not to be a high quality fancy pants one} and blend until desired consistency.

  • ~1 cup total of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, {You can buy a bag of frozen mixed berries at most grocery stores}, 2-4 cups spinach, 1 frozen banana {peel and cut before freezing} ~1-2 cups water or milk of choice
  • Pineapple, mango {You can also buy frozen at the most grocery stores}, water or milk of choice, Spinach
  • Frozen banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter, chobani greek yogurt {flavored or plain}, milk of your choice, spinach

These are just examples…the possibilities are endless!

Feel free to use fresh fruit also. Frozen is my favorite because it’s cheap and you can buy any variety you like. And since they are frozen you don’t need to add ice cubes.



*Thank you for the positive feedback about my site so far (via Facebook). I am still figuring out how I want the site to look so bare with me if/when I change a few things here and there.


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