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July 8, 2012

Be right back!

Sorry it has been a little while since I have updated. I am very excited about this site and can’t wait to move forward. I am just taking a little time off to decide how I really want this site to look and feel (I even bought a book! hehe) Thanks for sticking with me and please check back shortly!

In the mean time here are some photos taken with the ol’ iPhone.




As you can see, I haven’t been cooking all that much. French bread pizza and spaghetti with meatballs is hardly that interesting. OH. Except those meatballs…my husband is the meatball maker in this family and this was his best batch yet. I even got him to share his secrets and I have a recipe for you when I return.

It’s not that we have been eating cup noodle every night, we have been working a lot to save up for our next apartment and also focusing more on getting out and enjoying the short (but sweeeeeet) summer!







Can you blame me?? 

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