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November 8, 2012


This is something I hope to post on Thursday’s. I just thought of doing it today so my list isn’t very long! I have seen different variations of this idea and thought it would be a fun addition!

Here we go…


(I will probably change the name…)


1. BOUNCING CATS! I thought this was just a funny image on Pinterest and then realized it was an actual site. Where cats are bouncing. AND! You can click and drag them to make them bounce again. I’m easily entertained. Note to self: don’t just repin something on Pinterest and call it a day…go and actually click on it to find the original source.


2. I cannot WAIT to make this homemade sriracha recipe from White On Rice Couple. We put sriracha on everything.


3. These DIY sweater bracelets are cute and I think easy enough for me to handle. I would like to become more crafty.


4. I’ve been wanting a (small) tattoo. I am kind of a wuss though. But if I did get one, I love the idea of an anchor or my absolute favorite, bird tattoo. I always go back to that design…sooo maybe I should just do it!?


5. I can get lost on this site and this site. If you are bored and have a lot of free time, check them out!


Ok so was that fun or WHAT? ……………………

Have a good night! 

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