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November 15, 2012

Thursday Things

Hope everyone’s week is going well, here is what is new with me – nothing too exciting!

Some photos from the past week:


1. I make Buffalo tempeh “wings” quite often around here. We usually just serve it with a side of mixed veggies (not usually french fries), this time I really enjoyed it because I made a red quinoa mixture on the side. If you haven’t tried tempeh – this is definitely a great place to start.

2. Dexter has been getting onto the couch between my husband and I lately and we love it. He likes to get snuggled up in the blankets. (I know I know – crazy cat lady. I’m aware.)

3. Waiting for my husband in a parking lot one afternoon.

4. I Didn’t realize this knob of ginger looked like a lobster until I went to use it! Mmmm, now I want lobster.

Finally… The view from our back porch. At 4:30pm! Waaaaaaah.

The other night I realized that I really like capers, now I want to try this this and ESPECIALLY this.

This article is funny.

The end.

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